Comedy World: Paul Litchfield

Comic: Turner

This is a cultured comic about culture, like I am a Professor.

Comic: Cat

thanks jimmy

There's No Such Thing As Love

This art lover is pointing at some of the fellatio we had displayed.
We screened the film the other day. Target reckons about 60 people came; I didn't count. It went well well at any rate.

It looked a bit like this at the end when we were leaving to go pub. If anyone wants a copy of the film or the book of the same name (like how there was a novelisation of, say, Jurassic Park [except mine is made of metaphors and has unicorns]), tell me, and it will be done.

Comedy World: Stephen Carlin

A man who is aware that the game is never won.

This deaf gentleman

lives in Peckham and dresses superbly.

Comedy World: James Acaster

Surrounded by his people.


Jacobsheep Boutique unleash their new London branch on the world. GREAT SAVINGS

like harrods but with more egyptian wtfs on the escalators

Fucking Dinosaur

Shit man! Fucking dinosaur!
for off modern something about the apocalypse. fucking dinosaur apocalypse!